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Unità tattile

Unità tattile

Unità tattile,
Due blocchi vibranti da utilizzare con l'unità di base Audio Scan
Cavo di collegamento lungo 1,2 m
Nota: queste sono solo le unità tattili con cavo
  • Details

    Tactile device

    Please not that the Audio Scan Basic Unit is not part of the tactile Unit (for illustration purpose only) and needs to be purchased separately.

    Plug the Tactile Unit (8) into the socket (5). The Tactile Unit should work immediately with the red/green LED (7) indicating the current speed. To adjust the speed and the intensity of the vibration, use the speed control (1) and the vibration control (6). Please turn both controls slowly because there is a time delay in the microprocessor.

    You can use the Tactile Unit in conjunction with the Headphones or independently.

    The tactile device draws a lot more current than the acoustic stimulation. If the clicks are still loud and clear but the tactile device vibrating weakly then it is necessary to change the battery.


  • Advice

    This product is for professional use only. This product is designed to be used between therapists trained in EMDR therapy and their clients.


    Please note – if you would like to use this equipment for personal use then please consult your therapist or contact us for advice.

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