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The Art of BART (the Bilateral Affective Reprocessing of Thoughts) is a practitioner’s introduction to an innovative psychotherapy model that draws on and integrates well-proven therapies (such as EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy and CBT) and on the Indian chakra tradition and other historical beliefs. As a therapeutic approach it has particular relevance to those who are living with the consequences of a traumatic event and those who seek after peak performance in fields such as sport and the arts.

The book introduces the reader to BART as a psychotherapy that can benefit patients with disorders such as anorexia nervosa and dissociative identity disorder, and those who have suffered a traumatic event. It also looks at the information processing of the mind-body at the levels of the gut heart and the gut brain, and it makes connections between the endocrine and immune systems and the chakras of Indian tradition. The latest theories on the neurobiology of trauma are explained and the application of BART to patients with autism and other conditions is discussed. Included in the book is a step-by-step guide to the five stages of BART and a detailed template for assessment of trauma to the twelve cranial nerves.

The final chapters introduce readers to key concepts in neuronal development, with particular reference to the default mode network whose normal maturation is often hijacked by traumatic experiences well into adult life. Novel ways to ensure accurate DNA replication are mentioned, and the value of using BART to help people achieve peak performance in a range of fields (such as sports and the arts) is described. There is also a detailed health questionnaire, which practitioners can use to supplement their practice.
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    Reviews and Endorsements
    ‘Most major advances in scientific and psychotherapeutic thinking have come from one passionately engaged person believing in something new, trying it out, beginning to gather evidence for it, and then sharing it. Arthur O’Malley’s professional career and interests have given him a distinctive viewpoint and perspective in the area of mental health, within a focal aperture, which is still relatively youthful in the psychotherapeutic world. It is a courageous book, as there will no doubt be many in the conflating worlds of neurobiology, psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy who, as Iain McGilchrist might well put it, will address this book from their rational, “black or white”, left-brain hemisphere instead of their intuitive, “open to the new”, right one.’
    — Peter Eldridge, counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, and EMDR therapist, Fleet, Hampshire, UK

    About the Author(s)
    Arthur G. O’Malley has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS and private sector since 2004, and became an EMDR consultant in 2008. In 2011, he was elected to the fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has presented widely in the fields of trauma, neglect and the developing brain, attachment disorders, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation in ADHD, and on the diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorders. With colleagues, he also ran a parent and infant mental health clinic in an adult mental health inpatient ward where he first developed the “Art of BART” therapeutic approach.