Attachment-Focused EMDR: A Client-Centered Therapy

Attachment-Focused EMDR: A Client-Centered Therapy

Attachment-Focused EMDR: A Client-Centered Therapy for Healing Childhood Trauma and Neglect


List the four most commonly used resources accessed with 'tapping'
Discuss modifications recommended from the standard EMDR with clients who have attachment wounds.
Describe the basic principles of Attachment-Focused EMDR.
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    In this training, Dr. Laurel Parnell presents the five basic principles of Attachment-Focused EMDR and how they are implemented in the treatment of traumatized clients with attachment wounds. Case material and video clips of sessions will be used to illustrate key points. Attachment-focused EMDR is a new model of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) developed over a period of nineteen years by EMDR trainer Dr. Laurel Parnell. This model adapts this powerful and effective trauma therapy to the needs of clients with attachment wounds. In this training, Dr. Parnell explains how the standard EMDR protocol can be modified so that it flows more easily, supports client safety, maintains the therapeutic connection, and enhances attunement. Attachment-focused EMDR is client-centered and emphasizes a reparative therapeutic relationship, using a combination of Resource Tapping (Parnell, 2008) to strengthen clients, EMDR to process traumas and talk therapy to help integrate the information from the EMDR sessions and to provide healing from therapist-client interaction. This is an intermediate course intended for practicing clinicians.

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