Audio Scan Basic Unit

Audio Scan Basic Unit

EMDR Audio Scan Basic Unit


The Audio Scan Basic Unit is the main device for the Audio and Tactile Stimulation. You can regulate the Speed and the Volume for the Bilateral Clicking Sound.
If you add the Tactile Unit you can also change the Intensity of the Vibration. Tactile and Audio Stimulation is synchronized.
Please note that this is the Basic Unit & Headphones only.
  • Details

    Audio Scan
    To switch the Audio Scan Basic Unit on use the on/off switch (2). The Audio Scan Basic Unit works immediately, the red/green LED (7) indicates the current speed.

    Plug your Headphones into the Headphone Socket (4). If you prefer to use Headphones other than those provided, ensure that they have been fitted with a standard 3.5mm male headphone plug. Adjust the Speed and the Volume as necessary.

    The headphone can be plugged in all the time.

    Please note: The Tactile Unit shown on the illustration needs to be ordered separately.

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