Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain: Paperback + C

Based on the latest discoveries about brain structure and functioning, this book and CD set explains how physical and emotional pain are linked in the brain and how to overcome pain by reversing the brain processes that maintain it. The book begins by explaining how the brain works and how brain functioning is disrupted by stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of pain. Readers are then shown how to create the conditions where healing can occur including safety and support, reconnecting with feelings and improved sleep and physical well-being. With the CD readers are then taught how to used focused attention, auditory stimulation and memory to stimulate unconscious non-verbal areas of the brain where pain is stored. Dual Attention Stimulus (DAS) as the process is known, is a treatment element of EMDR, a cutting-edge treatment for PTSD. Because of the close connection these areas have with the body, they enable faster and more effective alteration of pain memories. One of the key ideas of this book is that any kind of pain other than acute physical pain involves memory, and memories are changeable. The CD of accompanying brain stimulation exercises has to be purchased as a separate item (both are offered at a discounted price). These materials will help you access a different part of your brain!.

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