EMDR Demonstrations DVD, LPE12 - EMDR as Sacred Wo


LPE 12- EMDR as Sacred Work (47 min.)

This video shows EMDR as deeply sacred, spiritual work with a man who presents with relationship issues. In the beginning of the session the client reports that he feels himself holding back, creating a boundary that keeps him from connecting in his relationship with his loved ones and his work. He has felt this way for as long as he can remember. I take a brief history and explore his early attachments so that I can get to know him and develop hypotheses about the etiology of his current symptoms. We then tap in peaceful place, nurturing figures (including an ideal mother), protector figures, and an inner wisdom figure.
In order to find the root of the problem the bridging technique was employed. Bridging back from his block to intimacy with his woman friend, he arrived at a highly emotional “memory” of being a five-year-old boy in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Though very emotional, and vividly “real,” this memory is not from this lifetime. We target this scene and reprocess it just like any other “memory” with all of the associated emotions, body sensations and cognitions using a modified protocol. Using eye contact, voice and touch, I stay connected with him resonating with the child’s painful experience as well as with that which never dies.
This session is sacred and very moving for both of us. We enter into a state of oneness during which I feel what he is feeling and I am moved as he is by the spiritual insights and truths that arise out of his processing. As he clears the past and integrates the spiritual realizations, he is able to imagine releasing the barriers to intimacy in his relationship in the present. He then imagines taking the insights he discovered in his processing into the future.

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