EMDR Demonstrations DVD, LPE2 - EMDR for the Traum

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LPE 2- EMDR for the Traumatized Caregiver  (64 minutes)

This video demonstrates an EMDR session with a woman who is distressed and emotionally overwhelmed by the serious chronic illness of a close family member for whom she is responsible. Her sister, a quadriplegic with progressive Multiple Sclerosis, has had a series of medical crises, which have required difficult decisions to be made. The client is overwhelmed with feelings of grief, anxiety, fear and terror as she carries the responsibility for her sister’s care. After listening to some of the background to the presenting problem, we tap in resources and work to develop a target from her fears. We find an incident from the recent past that has a great deal of emotional charge and begin there. During the EMDR processing she is able to work through many feelings and come to a place of peace with regard to the current situation. Her SUDS goes down and she installs several positive cognitions. This session shows that clients can benefit from EMDR on chronic, ongoing problems and experience relief from troubling symptoms.

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