EMDR Demonstrations DVD, LPE9 - EMDR with a Trauma

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LPE 9- EMDR with a Traumatic Incident  (65 min.)

In this video I demonstrate how to use EMDR with a traumatic incident using the standard EMDR protocol. In this session the client wants to work on a horseback riding incident that has left her shaken. We begin by installing resources, then target the worst part of this incident. I use bilateral tapping on her knees. She processes rapidly, her eyes moving back and forth resembling REM sleep. During the desensitization she associates to other traumatic incidents, one of which requires containment. She reaches a SUDS of 1, VoC of 6 and we install the positive cognition. She is able to imagine a positive future riding, feeling more contact with her body and the horse. We close and debrief the session at the end.

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