Power to Recover

Power to Recover

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Power to Recover
A Complete Guide to Managing Psychological Trauma at Work
Liz Royle and Cath Kerr

Power to Recover: A Complete Guide to Managing Psychological Trauma at Work
If you are involved in the management of a traumatic incident at work – whether you are responsible for preparing an organisation, responding to the crisis or facilitating the recovery of those affected – then this book is written for you.
The authors are passionate about delivering trauma education in an accessible, thought provoking manner. Illustrative examples, practical activities and useful resources are interwoven throughout the book, helping readers to explore issues and draw up a strategic plan based on their specific context.

About the Authors

Dr Liz Royle

Liz is an international author and speaker with clinical experience of working across the full range of psychological trauma – be that responding to traumatic incidents or working therapeutically with PTSD and historical trauma. She is an accredited BACP psychotherapist and EMDR Europe Approved Consultant and was the lead person for the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies ESTSS Managing Trauma in the Uniformed Services task force. Grounded in her police background, Liz has written Trauma Support policies for City Councils, Police Forces and security companies and provided strategic and crisis response support to organizations affected by the 7/7 bombings, the 2004 Tsunami and groups affected by disaster, deaths and accidents.

Cath Kerr

Cath is a Chartered Psychologist and has almost 20 years’ experience of working with high risk organisations and clients suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and acute trauma reactions including those following serious assaults, hostage situations, road traffic collisions, firearms incidents, witnessing violence and death and historical child sexual abuse. Cath has Management background within the voluntary and private sector, is an internati

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