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Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

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Rough Diamonds - A glimpse into borderline personality disorder.


The treatment of personality disorders has advanced enormously in recent decades. These disorders have gone from being considered as untreatable problems to an active area of interest in psychology and psychiatry. Recent new developments geared specifically toward people with personality disorders offer promising perspectives.


This book by Dolores Mosquera, which has become a classic in the literature on personality disorders in Spain, has contributed to this changing perspective. Its title poses a revolutionary metaphor for patients and therapists.


People dealing with BPD usually have a mental image of their problem, similar to a maze where they feel lost or something dark and thick from which they have a hard time escaping. Visualizing a diamond in the rough, knowing that a uniquely bright and solid crystal is hiding inside, offers the reader of this book a new perspective.


Rough Diamonds will help people with BPD understand their problems, become aware of their origins, and understand the potential routes toward different ways of functioning. This is not a simple compilation of theories, but a genuine attempt to understand how BPD patterns are generated and maintained. The book also outlines the path toward recovery and different treatment possibilities.

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