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The Discovery of the Self - BPD

The Discovery of the Self - BPD

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This practical guide for clinicians will help organize the therapeutic work for patients with Borderline Personality Disorder.


This manual includes a structured program divided into 9 thematic blocks:


1. Goal Setting

2. Possible Interferences with Therapy

3. Self-Observation

4. Self-Care

5. Defenses

6. Boundaries and Interpersonal Relationships

7. Identity and Differentiation

8. Emotions and Emotional Regulation

9. Coping Techniques and Mantaining Improvement


The sections of this manual offer an organized framework for addressing the different problem areas of those with BPD. Its 35 sessions include psychoeducation, resources and excercises for the development of reflective thinking, emotional regulation and self-care.

From the beginning, the patient is actively involved in the process, which starts with self-observation in order to promote reflective capacity and curiosity. By using this approach, patients do not simply become passive recipients of information, but gradually explore their different problem areas and learn to see how they interfere with their quality of life and ability to function adaptively in the world.


A toolbox for clinicians.

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