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Touchpoints for Calm - Stress and Anxiety Relief For Clients

Touchpoints for Calm - Stress and Anxiety Relief For Clients


Touchpoints for Calm are wireless bi-lateral devices which are designed by EMDR therapists to help clients deal with stress and anxiety.


TouchPoint are non-invasive, neuroscience-based wearable devices for stress relief, based on proven effects of bilateral stimulation that relieve stress by over 70%.  The Touchpoints use micro-haptic vibrations and work by shifting the brain from the "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system to the "calm and logical" parasympathetic nervous system to increase one's state of calm.


Available for clients to use safely in the home or office they are the essential tool to assist with online EMDR or as a compliment to face to face therapy.


Touchpoints come with 3 manually controlled speeds denoted by colour Slow - Blue, Medium - Yellow and Fast - Pink - so there is a setting to suit your clients needs. 


Included with the Touchpoints for Calm are:


  • 2 TouchPoints™ to be worn on either side of the body
  • 2 wristbands in Black Silicone or Stainless steel - to choose your size you can download the Sizing Tool here - as a guide those with slim wrists or children should select the Small size.
  • Dual-pronged charging cable
  • linen carrybag
  • 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty


We currently are offering this new product for professionals at 10% off the RRP and have all options available for immediate shipping.

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