Transformation through the Power of EMDR; Advanced

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In this workshop,  Dr. Parnell will review the basics focusing first on client preparation and assessment, and then teach ways EMDR can be modified to be used successfully with a range of different clients. Participants will learn ways to find and develop the best EMDR targets including using the bridging technique and methods for unblocking blocked processing with several interweave strategies. After this foundation has been laid, participants will learn how to use EMDR with phobias, adults abused as children, grief and loss, and addictions. Dr. Parnell will present her new break-through addictions protocol that can be applied to clients with substance abuse and eating disorders.
-Participants will be able to predict when to tap in or install the four most commonly used resources.
-Participants will be able to apply the bridging technique to find a target from a current symptom or problem.
-Participants will be able to predict when to use a resource interweave to unblock blocked processing.
-Participants will be able to apply EMDR for patients with phobias.
-Participants will be able to apply two techniques for working with dissociation.
-Participants will be able to apply at least two interweave techniques for working with a client who was abused in childhood.
-Participants will be able to predict how to bridge from the trigger for substance use to find the target for substance use.
-Participants will be able to “connect the consequences” to help with substance use or abuse.

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